Rob Sherling

DevOps, Game Dev, Backend

Japanese Translation

Skills and Experience

Backend and DevOps

This is my strongest skill. I've done everything from small, four-page mostly static sites to large projects with integrated phone services and worker clusters using continuous integration and continuous deployment.

I have extensive AWS skill and can manage projects from planning and architecture decisions to maintenance and deployment in the cloud. I've developed sites that have 'serverless' backends with AWS lambda and API Gateway, and used tools like Elastic Beanstalk, Chef, and Capistrano to manage deployments both in the cloud and on client's servers directly.

I also have experience with index optimization, database query tuning, and a variety of database types from Mysql to Postgres to NoSQL(DynamoDB).

Game Dev

I've worked on two separate smartphone MMOs, one in development and one that had already been released. I've also built rhythm games, MOBAs, Voxel-based games (Minecraft clone), arcade games, etc.

I've designed tools for fx and animation mixing systems, model viewers, and custom editors for game data management. I haven't done any gamedev in a while so I am a bit rusty, but I enjoy working with the engine.

I was also responsible for server side programming in C++, but it's not my strong suit.

Note to recruiters: I am not currently seeking full-time game development work.

Note to indies and small studios: Absolutely let's build something together!

Translation & Localization

I currently do consulting work as a Japanese translator and localizational specialist for Mindgeek. I work as the sole translator on a top 100 website and exclusively handle all localization from English into Japanese. In a year, I doubled our unique users from the Japanese region.

I'm very comfortable working with all aspects of translation from cultural consideration to real-time correspondence. Shoot me a message if you're interested in translating your content for the Japanese region.

Projects and Hobbies


Programming (constantly), Cooking (Japanese, Western), Gaming (PC)
Japanese (Excellent), Guitar (Not even a little excellent)


Contact Information / Standing Offer

If you have something to say, I want to hear it.

I'm available to talk about almost anything, from business ideas to something interesting that you read. If you have questions about being a programmer in Japan, backend techology, Japanese, or anything else, shoot me an email!

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