About Me

My name is Robert Sherling. I am currently a software engineer by day, translator and consultant by night. I live and work in Japan, and speak very high level (not native, but JLPT N1 + JSST 9) Japanese. It was a long, strange path to get here, but I loved every minute of it.

I write this blog as a way to guide people where I have had trouble: very specific projects done to production level. It also helps me to remember what I’ve done, because writing in some strange style of code and then coming back to read your scrawls six months later never really worked for anyone. This documents the process for both of us, so that’s a win-win. Like all tech blogs, I expect that each article that I write will become outdated about 40 seconds after I write it.

Feel free to drop me an email at rob@ this domain name, even (especially) if it’s just to chat. If you’re ever in the Yokohama area and want to talk, shoot me a message and let’s have a drink together.

About me:

I like talking to people: If you have something cool to say, I would love to hear you say it. Send me an email.

I like programming in my free time: I’ve built everything from webscrapers to video games (so many games) to work tools to chat bots. We are creators; we should create. If you want to collaborate, shoot me a message!

I like working with new tech: The cloud is awesome. AWS is expensive (looking at you guys, Chef Devops and data bandwidth costs), but Lambda and EC2 are basically Amazon’s gift to humanity.

I like games: I probably play at least an hour a day. I also collaborate from time to time with an animator friend of mine to make cool projects.

I don’t like working in gaming: I worked on the server side and client side for two separate smartphone MMOs. It gave me a lot of skills I needed to become a sucessful programmer, and it also taught me to steer clear of the industry. Long story short: if you are a gaming recruiter, unless your offer is unbelievable I’m probably not interested.

This template is taken pretty much straight from my man Patrick McKenzie. Awesome blog, you should check it out.