Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Intro

Let’s Begin

This is not a short series; it clocks in at over 11,000 words and is a detailed tutorial on how to get a good understanding of several technologies. Many of the articles are long, and require you to actually have an AWS console screen open in front of you. This might be something best to work through when you have a bit of time. Additionally, you can contact me at rob@<blog-domain-name>.com if you have any problems / something cool you wrote / things to chat about.

We are going to make a Twitter and email campaign ‘serverless’ backend for a site using entirely AWS cloud services (mainly Lambda and DynamoDB) to save a ton of money over classic infrastructure implementations. Again, this is a massive tutorial, so set aside a few hours to complete it. We’ll be doing everything from encryption and key management to creating a static site behind AWS Cloudfront.

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