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Serverless Backends with AWS Cloud: Sending tweets and collecting emails.

The final disclaimer

I know I’ve said it about a dozen times before, but here it is for the last time: This tutorial was built to teach you cool AWS services and give you some practical experience with them. There are many, many different ways that you could have done this, and not all of them are equally suited for all purposes. Still, this very closely resembles actual production code that I have used in a company (with their explicit permission to write this guide, of course). It works, and it’s battle-tested.

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Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Email Lambda and DynamoDB

Email, Lambda, Mailgun, Dynamo, S3

There is going to be a lot coming at you all at once in this post. This is a large project with a lot of moving parts; while I actually built this incrementally, we’ll just be building pretty much everything final-stage here (with a few exceptions). Take your time and read everything. We’ll be touching S3, Lambda, IAM, KMS, and DynamoDB services in this post.

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