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Serverless Backends with AWS Cloud: Cloudfront and WAF

CloudFronts and Firewalls

Why Cloudfront for an API?

I’m gonna be honest: When my boss told me to put the API on CloudFront, I thought he might have been joking. Why would you need to put an API on a distribution network? Setting it up was the hardest part of this project (no, seriously), and working with the quirks of CloudFront was a pain.

Then it became super obvious why we did it once it started working.

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Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Twitter Sessions

How to make a session in DynamoDB

In this section, we’re just going to save some browsing information in a session (held in DynamoDB) and redirect the user to Twitter. Once we have a callback in place, we’ll use that session data to have our user follow us. We can also use that data to message that user later (we actually have the user DM themselves, explained in the next section) with some promotional news.

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Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Email Lambda and DynamoDB

Email, Lambda, Mailgun, Dynamo, S3

There is going to be a lot coming at you all at once in this post. This is a large project with a lot of moving parts; while I actually built this incrementally, we’ll just be building pretty much everything final-stage here (with a few exceptions). Take your time and read everything. We’ll be touching S3, Lambda, IAM, KMS, and DynamoDB services in this post.

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